Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Part of the Daily Devotion from Proverbs 31 Ministires.

"Then the righteous will shine like the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He who has ears, let him hear." Matthew 13:43 (NIV)

Last week my seven-year-old son and I were waiting for his sister to get her hair cut. As we sat in the waiting area, we had no choice but to listen to the radio that played in the background. The forecast came on and the announcer said that it was going to be partly cloudy. My son, who was playing with LEGOs® on the floor, stopped playing and looked up with an indignant look on his face. "Mom," he said, "That man said it's partly cloudy but it's not. It's partly sunny." Then he went back to playing.

I thought this was so cute! To get the full devotion click on my link below and it will take you to the website. Hope you enjoy and hope your day isn't partly cloudy but partly sunny! God Bless

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