Sunday, April 25, 2010

Lesson from a silly situation!

First of all, let me start by saying that I am really sorry for not posting in a LONG time! A lot has been going on here and like many of us I struggle to get it all the things I want accomplished. I am hoping to start to be more regular with my posting again, starting now!

Today's post may seem silly to some of you but I had to share because in this silly situation I found myself in, I was taught a big lesson!

My husband and I were driving home from visiting family about 3 hours away. If anyone is familiar with Florida and the stretch of Interstate that is called Alligator Alley then you know it is over 80 miles long with NOTHING on it. No gas stations and more importantly NO bathrooms! Well, I thought I could make it the entire 3 hour ride without needing to stop but of course half through Alligator Alley I had to pee! It was one of those times when, when you gotta go, you GOTTA go! Near the end of Alligator Alley is finally a rest stop, so we pulled off and as we approached the rest area we see a police officer taping the restrooms off. It was closed! "Are you kidding?" I asked myself. Not only had I held it for quit sometime but then when you think your about to be able to go and then can't, that just makes you have to go all the more! But, the officer said that there was another rest stop 13 miles ahead. Ah, hope.
I have to say that, that was a long 13 miles! I was hurting by the times we finally pulled in and was eager to find relief and comfort again, only to my dismay this restroom was closed too! No, I'm NOT kidding! The two rest stops at the end of this 80 mile long Interstate were both closed! What were they thinking? Even if the facilities aren't working put a Port-a-Potty in there. Something people! Now, I had to wait the rest of the 30 minutes to get home. Any men reading this may not quit grasp the full effects of holding it for that long as a women but I know you ladies understand. It was a agonizing time!

So, when we finally get of our exit and we only have three lights till home I begin to cry out to the Lord "Have mercy on me! Please, Lord let the three lights be green. I know You can make them green if you want to. Please, if ever I needed mercy, now is the time, Lord!" ( I know, dramatic, but I really had to pee!)
First light, green. "Amen! Thank you, Lord!" I shout.
Second light, green. "Oh, Lord, Thank you for having mercy on me. One more light, Lord. That's it one more!"

Third light is a left turn only on green arrow so as we approach the lights begin to
change. Green was just seconds away. "Thank you, Thank you, Lord! You are SO good to me!"
I ran in that house so fast! At last my comfort was restored!
Ok, now your probably asking, "whats the lesson in this, pee before the long interstate?" Well, that is a good lesson but not the one I want to share...

The Lord allows situation to come into our lives so that we remember to rely on Him and give Him the glory. Think about it. If that first rest stop was open, I would have just gone and never thought twice about it. No work from the Lord, right. No glory needed. At least I wouldn't have thought to give any. Even at the second rest stop, but because it wasn't "easy" for me and I was in an uncomfortable situation I needed the mercy of the Lord. He showed it to me and in return got all the Glory for taking care of me.

How many times in our life do we just go about it, not really take the time to give God the glory because it was easy or everything was going our way. The Lord allows thing to happen to make you remember to cry out to Him. To look to Him and in the end to give Him all the glory.

So, that's my silly story with an unexpected lesson in it.

Remember to look to Him and give God all the glory for everything in your life. Even green lights when you have to pee!

Thank you, Lord for your goodness.