Friday, September 11, 2009

Notes on: "Lord, I want to be Whole"

Step 3: Find Deliverance

Deliverance is all about becoming free of anything that keeps us from becoming all that the Lord intends for us to be.

Stormie starts by explaining that there is no need to fear the word or the action of deliverance. It is simply a "severing of anything that holds you, other then God." It could be a spirit of fear, anger, lying etc. or a behavior you have acquired for self defense like withdraw, overeating, loss of temper, etc. Being born again delivers us from death but we still need to be delivered from the dead places in our lives. Jesus is our deliverer.

2 And he said:

“The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; (2 Samuel 22:2, New King James Version)

In Mark 9, Jesus is brought a son that had a "dumb spirit" (vs.17). Jesus delivered this boy casting out the spirit. Jesus said unto them that "all things are possible to him that believeth" (vs.23).

In Mark 16:17 Jesus says that "In My name they will cast out demons." He gives us the power to drive out all that is not of God, when we do it in His name.

Stormie writes what deliverance really is:

Behind every sin is an evil spirit. When you sin you give that spirit a foothold into your life. Deliverance is getting rid of the devil and refusing to let him have hold of you or any area in your life. We have to want deliverance. We have to want to be free. God's desire is to remove the burdens and evil spirits from our lives but we need to take the first step.

Deliverance is gradual. It takes time, little by little. He will deliver you one step at a time as you allow Him to work in you and as you are able. In some ares you may be set free at once but in others it will take time and more work. There is no one way to receive deliverance. Sometimes it happens in alone time with the Lord. Sometimes it is with others who counsel you or pray with you. It is in His timing and His way. I believe it is important to allow as many ways for the Lord to work in your life as, prayer groups, bible studies, private devotion and prayer time. I know that I want to give the Lord as many opportunities to work in me and deliver me as possible.

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